This 11-month-old baby won hearts by her snowboarding skills

This 11-month-old baby won hearts by her snowboarding skills

November 29, 2021 0
11-month-old baby snowboarder sweeps internet in China -

What happened:

Wang Yuji can’t even walk yet at 11 months old, but she’s already snowboarding and conquering the slopes.


Yuji is the tiniest of all the riders at a resort near Beijing, which will host the 2022 Winter Olympics in just a few months. Her parents strap her into tiny boots and layer her with protective clothing. Her puzzled parents claim that, unlike many clumsy rookies who struggle to keep upright, snowboarding came easy to their newborn.

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Yuji’s father claims that Yuji has motivated him to pursue a career as a professional snowboarding coach. Since then, she has spent every morning with winter sports fans at the Thaiwoo Ski Resort in Chongli, Zhangjiakou, one of the Winter Olympics’ host towns.


Yuji is still too tiny to control her direction or speed, so if she veers towards an obstacle, a nearby parent is always ready to grab her, “You’re doing great!” they cheer their daughter up to keep her going.

Mahnoor Tariq
Mahnoor Tariq
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