This Egyptian student was stabbed in broad daylight for saying ‘NO’ to a man

This Egyptian student was stabbed in broad daylight for saying ‘NO’ to a man

June 22, 2022 0

What happened:

The murder of Naira Ashraf Abdel Qader, who was stabbed to death in front of horrified witnesses and in full view of security cameras, has shaken Egypt. After a footage was recorded of the victim being stabbed repeatedly in the neck and torso at the Mansoura University entrance, people are requesting netizens to stop sharing pictures of her that have gone viral on social media.

Who did it:

Police reported that a suspect was in custody who, during interviews, admitted that his motivation for the crime was her refusal to his marriage proposal. Al-Falah Al-Youm, an Egyptian news outlet, reports that the accused, who has only been identified as “Mohammed A” and was detained at the scene, told the prosecutor on June 21 (yesterday) that Naira blocked him on social media and he made several attempts to contact her over the course of a year and a half during which he told investigators “she became famous” and gathered a following on social media.

Victim’s father:

Another Egyptian news outlet, Najum Masria, said that the victim’s father admitted during a TV interview that the accused had threatened her daughter more than once and the family informed the police about these threats.

Mahnoor Tariq
Mahnoor Tariq
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