5 online stores that will shift your kitchen to fully organic

5 online stores that will shift your kitchen to fully organic

November 30, 2021 0

We’ve all heard our grandparents and parents complain about not having ‘Khaalis Doodh’ or ‘Desi Makhan’ available in cities and how they miss it. It is true that organic products are hard to find these days with everything being processed and mixed with preservatives. But all hope is not lost and some online businesses have started selling organic dairy products. Here’s a list of 5 such online businesses selling non-processed, organic dairy products.

Farmers Cheese Making

Farmers Cheese Making (FCM) is one of the oldest businesses in Pakistan that is now available in retail too at stores like Jalalsons. They produce over 50 varieties of non-processed, hand crafted, organic cheese including different types of Cheddar, multiple tyes of mozzarella, Cheddar nacho sauce, Parmesano, Cream cheese in multiple flavours, Cottage Cheese and ‘Extra Ash Camel Feta marinated in extra virgin Olive Oil’ (now who knew that existed too). Visit their website for more information on prices and how to purchase.

Website : https://www.farmerscheesemaking.com/

Homemade & Co

Homemade & Co (@homemadecopk) is an online store on instagram selling organic, non-processed dairy products made at home. Their products are also stocked at Esa Jee’s Y Block and Insta Organic Shop Q Block. Products include Hummus(Plain and Jalapeno), 5 different flavors of Butter including Honey Vanilla Butter & Jalapeno Lime Butter and also 8 different types of Greek Yogurt including the yummiest fruit flavored ones. Check out their instagram highlights for prices.

Artisan Cheese Factory

Artisan cheese factory (@theartisancheesefactory) is an online business producing ‘the truest form of cheese both fresh and hard’. All their cheeses are locally produced, hand-made, organic and non-processed. Check out their Insta page or website for product range and prices.

Milk Corporation

 Milk Corporation (@milkco.pk) is an online store selling 100% pure Buffalo milk, free from chemicals. They are currently delivering around Lahore. Milk co. donates Rs.5 to charity upon every litre of milk sold so buy from them and contribute to a positive movement.  

The Organic Shop

The Organic Shop (@instaorganicshop) is an online store selling a wide range of organic products from homemade chat masala to  homemade Murabba. They also offer Organic Butter, Plain Organic Milk, Organic Almond Milk and Kefir Milk. Head over to their page to check out the huge product range and prices.

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