Bamboo’s Spicy Green Curry VS Mandarin’s Green Curry

November 30, 2021 0

One of the most popular Thai dishes ever is the Green Curry. Not everyone can perfect the green curry, the perfect thickness and level of spice is what makes it the perfect green curry. Served with sticky, egg fried and garlic rice, green curry is the go-to Thai dish. Bamboo Union is one of the most popular Pan Asian restaurants in Lahore, they serve the most delicious green curry. Mandarin Kitchen is a Chinese restaurant located in DHA and Gulberg, also serves green curry.

Bamboo Union

Bamboo, located in DHA and Mall 1, is known to serve great Pan Asian food with the right level of spice. Their green curry is served in a bowl, usually for two with a side choice of garlic, sticky or egg fried rice, their green curry is offered in prawn and chicken. Their green curry is served with various vegetables, cooked in green curry and coconut paste. The spice level on their menu is extra spicy and is priced at PKR 950.

Mandarin Kitchen

Mandarin, located in DHA is a Chinese restaurant, mostly famous for its Chinese dishes. Mandarin also offers various ‘Asian” dishes which includes green curry. Their green curry is also served in either chicken or prawn and served with a side of sticky white rice. Their green curry is not considered to be as spicy and thick. It is priced at PKR 1045.

Writer’s pick

Bamboo is the only place in Lahore that corrects the taste of green curry. Mandarin’s green curry gives a little Pakistani spice taste and is not as thick as it should be. Bamboo’s serving is also more as compared to Mandarin.


Bamboo’s green curry is priced at PKR 950, which is less than Mandarin. Bamboo’s serving is more and is given at a lower price. If you enjoy less spicy and a bit of a Pakistani taste then Mandarin is your pick. If you would like to enjoy the typical Thai taste at a less price then Bamboo is your go-to

Vaneezae Malhi
Vaneezae Malhi
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