Bhaiya Ke Kabab VS BBQ Tonight’s Seekh Kabab

November 30, 2021 0

With cold winter nights approaching everyone wants to sit outside and enjoy a yummy warm plate of kebabs with their loved ones. Bhaiya Ke Kabab is one of the most famous Kabab places in Lahore. BBQ Tonight is also considered to famous for their food and their environment.

Bhaiya Ke Kabab

Bhaiya Ke Kabab located in Model town serves small finger-sized Kababs served in dozens with their signature chutney. Usually, you start with just the Kababs and their chutney and then go on to naans. They have outdoor seating on the side of the road that gives the typical dhabba vibe, especially in the winters. One plate of Kababs is priced at PKR 420

BBQ Tonight

BBQ Tonight has a wide range of items on their menu. Their signature Kababs are served as the normal long Kababs. Their serving of one plate consists of 4 Kababs. One plate of Sekh Kabab is priced at PKR 800. They have proper restaurant seating and offer home delivery.


Bhaiya Ke Kabab offers an affordable price as compared to BBQ Tonight. Their serving is also comparatively more. If you would like to enjoy the nice cold weather and the dhabba vibe then Bhaiya Ke Kabab is your pick. If you prefer a more formal restaurant vibe then BBQ Tonight is your go-to.

Vaneezae Malhi
Vaneezae Malhi
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