“I was really shocked,” says a UK mom after discovering crystal meth in kid’s cereal box

“I was really shocked,” says a UK mom after discovering crystal meth in kid’s cereal box

January 3, 2022 0

What happened:

A young mother in Essex, Haisam Nassir, was pouring bowls of cereals for her four children when she discovered white crystals in the box. Haisam Nassir aged 25 is quoted by LADBIBLE saying, “I was left horrified after a massive bag of crystal meth fell out of the cereal box.” At first, she could not identify the drug and searched it up on Google before taking the cereal box of Golden Morn to the local police station. 


Haisam Nassir after she searched it up on Google is quoted by Mirror.UK, “I felt frightened. My anxiety went off the roof.” She later went to the local police station to confirm where the Essex police officers confirmed the news. Subsequently, she took her children to the doctor as a precaution and the doctor confirmed that the kids had not been affected. She feared for her children as Haisam is quoted by dailymail.uk as, “They had been eating from that box for four days straight and the bag of crystal meth was really thin, a sharp piece of cereal could easily have made a hole in it.” 

Picture via DailyMailUK.


However, Haisam also revealed the quantity and said, “There was 450g of it. The street value would be quite something.” At the same time, the police officers at Essex were also shocked by the bag and upon inquiry that where did she got the cereal box from, Haisaam said, “I bought the box at my local shop, five minutes away from me. It’s an international shop, quite similar to a corner shop.” On the other hand, the cereal box company has refused that the Golden Morn had been altered. 

Rana Abdullah Hammad
Rana Abdullah Hammad
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