Meet Dr. Mubarak M Ali, the first Pakistani to win “Best Artist” award in an International Leisure art contest

Meet Dr. Mubarak M Ali, the first Pakistani to win “Best Artist” award in an International Leisure art contest

January 4, 2022 0


 ProperGaanda had an exclusive interview with Dr Mubarak M Ali(@mubaraksart), a self-taught artist from Karachi who won the best artist award at World Leisure International Art Contest. In his interview, he talked about his artistic journey and said, “I am a self-taught artist and it is an inborn skill which I am extremely passionate about.” 

Mubarak M Ali’s journey:

 Dr Mubarak M Ali made his first portrait in grade three but stopped for a few years before returning to the canvas and painting again when he got into the 3rd year of his university. Mubarak M Ali stated, “I had a love for arts since my childhood, but then in a bid to learn new skills and explore new mediums, I moved into the digital art world.” Mubarak M Ali continued his passion for arts along with the university education and said, “During my university time, I used to make many drawings and I was also a university topper.” 


 Mubarak M Ali was not just restricted to arts; he is also a doctor who loves acting, Teaching, Poetry, and is skilled in public speaking. At the same time, Mubarak claimed, “Despite winning various art competitions at school level, my art pieces were recognized in the past 7 years.” To date, Mubarak M Ali has made more than 700 art pieces along with writing poetry. 

The best artist award:

Winning the best artist award at World Leisure International Arts Contest meant a lot to Mubarak as he said, “I was representing my country, and I won the award, so seeing my country’s flag on the top made me proud.” This award also caught the attention of media as Mubarak claimed, “Getting noticed by media is a great thing and this award is a way for me to reach masses in a bid to bring in a positive change through arts.” 

Future goals & Mubarak Ali’s message:

 The self-taught artist from Karachi also aims to showcase his artwork in the NFT world as he said, “I am learning about NFTs and I have an account on OpenSea as well. Only a few of my artworks are uploaded on the platform, but I will upload more as time passes.” In his message to his fellow artists, Mubarak said,  “We are nothing without this greenery. We humans and other living beings are made up of leaves means. We need oxygen to breathe and survive, provided mainly by nature. Through my art, I highlight the importance of conserving the greenery.” 

What else:

 Other than doing arts, Mubarak M Ali disclosed that he had also done some theatre acting. As he said, “I love doing acting for which I also did some theatre & short films to create social awareness I also got training from a theatre expert.” Through his public speaking and teaching gigs, he also wants to motivate other students and bring positive change to their lives.

Rana Abdullah Hammad
Rana Abdullah Hammad
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