This Lahore dentist is accused of misleading patients with fake Harvard degree

This Lahore dentist is accused of misleading patients with fake Harvard degree

June 4, 2022 0

Note: Team Propergaanda reached out to Dr. Aleem Rehman for his side of the story but he didn’t reply.

*Names have been changed to maintain the condition of anonymity

Recently, Asghar* reached out to Team Propergaanda, sharing how a Lahore-based dental surgeon named Dr. Aleem Rahman of ‘The Premiere: Rahman & Rahman’ clinic is misleading his patients by lying about his Harvard Degree and about being an Associate Professor at the ivy league institute. Asghar* claims that Dr.Rahman was his junior when he was studying in University of Lahore, “Aleem was my junior; I passed out in 2014, and he graduated in 2018.” 

Sharing a picture of Dr. Rahman’s Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon degree from Harvard, Asghar* points out that it’s dated 1989 which doesn’t sit well with his credibility as he must’ve been a small kid at that time. The surgeon is said to have studied DDS MD FRCS as well. Asghar* questions that since he graduated in 2018, there’s no way he completed 10 years of education in a span of 2 years. Other accounts confirmed that Dr.Rahman completed his house job in 2020 and agreed with Asghar* on his Harvard degree being a fake. 


Asghar* informed us that when he called the Pakistan Medical Council to check with Dr. Rahman’s registration, they told him that no such doctor is enrolled in their list, “He is not even registered or maybe he needs to renew his licence.” Team Propergaanda verified this claim with PMC themselves, through sources that don’t want to be named.

Asghar* says it’s alarming that Aleem is treating patients for things he is not qualified for; “Moreover, he charges his patients an arm and a leg for treatments he doesn’t even know much about. He is a simple dentist,” he claimed.

Mahnoor Tariq
Mahnoor Tariq
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