Muslim woman in Australia fired from her job for wearing hijab

Muslim woman in Australia fired from her job for wearing hijab

December 24, 2021 0

What happened:

A young Muslim woman in Sydney was fired from her job at a pharmacy after she refused to remove her hijab at work. Australian National Imams Council’s spokesperson Bilal Rauf is quoted by AU News saying, “She was told in very clear terms: ‘look around here, people don’t like this thing. So if you want to wear the hijab that’s a matter for you, but I won’t be able to keep you here’.” 


Bilal Rauf also claimed that the woman refused to remove her hijab and forced her employer to resign. The spokesperson further added, “She ended up losing her employment because she had no choice or ability to do anything about that.” On the other hand, the Muslim community living in Australia has condemned the incident. The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils head Keysar Trad spoke to AU News Chart saying, “Cases are reported regularly of Muslim women and Muslim youths getting harassed or beaten.” 


Australian legislatures had proposed a Religious Discrimination Bill, anti-discrimination legislation to eliminate discrimination. Another Pakistani Australian, Adnan Imtiaz, stated, “Such racist acts against the Muslim community in Australia are witnessed at various workspaces as the country vows to fight against racism and promote the Religious Discrimination Bill.

Rana Abdullah Hammad
Rana Abdullah Hammad
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